How to have a perfect beach holiday

A beach holiday is always the first choice when it comes to relaxing or spending some free time. There is something of the sea, sun , and sand that immediately refreshes the mind, body and spirit.

You don’t necessarily have to wait for summer just to enjoy a beach holiday. Any time of year is a good time, as long as you are well prepared and know what to expect when you take the plunge.

First, choose your beach holiday destination. Depending on the time you have and of course your budget for the trip, you can opt for a surf weekend on the nearby beach, or you can pack and travel to a foreign destination as far and exotic as Goa in India or the Caribbean for an entire month of seaside adventures. If you choose the latter, expect a longer to-do list and more preparation. Mandatory resources include your travel documents, manager checks, your prescription medications and your health insurance card.

Also consider your reason for choosing a beach holiday. Is it easy to relax and get some fresh air with friends or family? You don’t have to go very far then, as both the American west and east coasts offer some charming beach destinations for the tired. If you want to use these surf muscles and ride some really big waves, you’ll get the thrill you’re looking for on the beaches of Hawaii, Malibu in California and further on the Pacific beaches. If you’re looking for some senior beach houses and just test the water, you can choose to go to beach resorts with nearby senior facilities or holiday homes with long-term rentals, so to speak.

No matter which direction or proximity you come from, it makes no difference whether you’ve hit the waves, nestled your toes under the sand, and sunbathed in all the warmth of the sun and fresh air. Time to unpack those flip-flops, beach hats and of course your sunscreen.

Your scout camp days will have paid off if you take good care of yourself on the beach. Be careful before drinking water or liquids, especially if you are in a foreign beach bath. Order clean bottled water instead of tap water. In beach restaurants, ask what goes into your salad or soup, as some exotic ingredients can upset your stomach and spoil your holiday unexpectedly.